All Christians Please Report For Duty

This article has as its focus the decline of America and our present leadership. Yes there are other important subjects such as prayer and winning the lost to Christ. As a free Nation we all have the opportunity to stand in favor of the Bible. To be silent as to the direction of our country is to be complicit. Cut the cake any way you want but to not speak out for what is right and speak against wrong is sin.

We just elected a new leader. And yes we must give him time. Going on 5 months as President we are slowly learning some things. No one expected the Democrats to get on the Trump team. But we were all hoping he would unite the Republican party. Since the Republicans control the Executive branch and both houses of Congress this thing should be a cake walk.

I love many of the things our President has done. Giving more responsibility to our military, promoting not only our military but also our police. I loved it when he went to Arlington National Cemetery, said the pledge of allegiance with his hand over his heart and sung the National anthem. I love it that he has rescinded some of President Obama’s executive orders. There is more but I find I must speak out on my concerns.

Plus I am much pleased that Hillary Clinton is not at the helm. On the other hand I still have reservations concerning President Donald Trump for the following reasons:

OK, I don’t like his background of casinos, strip bars and his multiple affairs and marriages. I did not like it when he said to the Nation to hear that he has never asked God to forgive him, However that was then, this is now and I am willing to overlook them.

Many of you have told me we are not electing a Pastor. In my view the qualifications should be much tougher. I’m not asking the President to preach the Gospel or the Bible but I do expect him to do the right things such as keeping campaign promises. So far his record is very shaky. To my mind it borders on dishonesty.

Since he said he was going to cut funding to Planned Parenthood if they stayed in the abortion business he should do it.

Since he said he was going to rip up the deal with Iran he should do it.

Since he said he was going to get out of the Paris climate control organization he should do it.

Since he said he was going to move our embassy to Jerusalem he should do it.

Since he said he was going to lower taxes for everyone he should lobby Congress to do it.

I don’t like it that so far, it has been a soap opera by slinging personal insults to those who disagree with him. Say what you want but it is not Presidential and wins no one over who opposes him. It may make you cheer but it is self defeating.

I’ll not list everything as I did not list everything I like about what he has done. I well understand that it takes time to get things done. However in many cases some things that he promised can be done very quickly. Ripping up the Iran deal can be done in minutes. He can move our embassy by simply not signing and extension. He can lobby Congress and the American people to cut taxes now. He can cut funding to planned Parenthood with the stroke of a pen and let Congress argue about it later. They however would lose because the American people are behind him on this one.

In fact the American people our behind him in keeping his campaign promises. Fire away Mr. President. The people will stand by you. Honesty is important in the Presidency and you who think otherwise are not my friends. Here is something else. As it stands right now only 43 percent of Americans say he is doing a good job and 53% say he is not. I firmly believe that if he began to keep his campaign promises his popularity would soar.

Now you better sit down for this one because it is not all his fault. The blame largely goes to those who remain silent and take the cowards path. You that refuse to speak out. You that say we should remain silent and only pray for our President. You are the guilty ones. If Christians all over this Nation would hold his feet to the fire and speak out to keep the campaign promises our country would be headed in a much different direction. More later as I recall…….



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