Where Is The Great Negotiator?

Like Ann Coulter, I am worried. Where is the great negotiator that is going to convince Mexico or Congress or someone to build the wall, China to make the fat kid give up nuclear, rework the Iranian deal, lower taxes, get rid of Obama Care, move our Embassy to Jerusalem, etc.??? If Hillary would have been elected at least we would now have a unified Republican party and since we have the majority in both houses we could stop her in her liberal leftist tracks. Where is the great negotiator that was going to unite our country? We are more divided now than when idiot Obama was at the wheel and it just keeps getting worse. Why is there scandal after scandal?  First our President is accused of leaking classified material to China and H. C. McMasters was there in the meeting and acknowledged it and now our President denies it ever happened? Why does President Trump have to hire his kids and give if nothing else the appearance of cronyism? Are there really not enough conservatives with impeccable records and character that our President can trust?  Yes Immigration has slowed dramatically but if you actually keep up with the news it was slowing greatly at the end of idiot Obama’s term. Yes, our President keeps saying many of the right things but “where’s the beef?” Unemployment by Government magic numbers were also falling and the deficit was also tightening at the end of idiot Obama’s term. Then and now the National debt is still growing and completely out of control. I pray for President Trump and hope above all that our country makes a U-Turn and the things promised actually takes place. Right now we are closer to war than we have been in years. Where is the great negotiator that was going to bring things under control? Right now we are spinning out of control in a dizzy state of confusion.

I’m trying to like President Trump but what is it with his so-called support of Israel and the things that keep taking place? First, Trump tells Israel to stop building settlements. and then recently this:

Planning for President Trump’s upcoming trip to Israel descended into chaos Monday when a U.S. official reportedly told Israeli counterparts that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could not accompany the president on his visit to the Western Wall.

The American official suggested that the holy site is “not your territory. It’s part of the West Bank,” Israel’s Channel 2 reported Monday.  [Source Jerusalem Post]

Sure Mad Dog Mattis is a tough General but mad dog openly is not a supporter of Israel and has vocally said that Israel is a pain in the neck and gets in the way of peace. Are there no tough Generals our President could have picked that are not anti-Israel?

Line upon line President Trump is showing he is not a supporter of Israel. No Prime Minister Netanyahu has not come out openly against Trump but neither did he ever attack President Obama as he knows that would only make it worse.

Here is another huge promise. The Trump supporters refuse to hold the Presidents feet to the fire. Many of them will even tell us that America is now great again.

Perhaps I have been too critical of President Trump from the start when I was alarmed at his open support of immorality, his past life lived as a Democrat, and his admitting he spent his life buying off politicians. Sure I was hoping he had changed but at looking at what is now happening I have more doubts than ever.

Of course we need to give him time. But the problem is we don’t have a lot of time. President Obama ran this country so far in the ground we are on life support. President Trump needs to learn to be steady at the wheel and stop the eradicate nonsense. Stop tweeting short blasts of what is on his mind and act Presidential. Take his case to the people like President Reagan did and stop concentrating on being vindictive trying to destroy all those who disagree with him.

The media is making a fool out of our President and President Trump is not helping his own cause. Stop giving the media openings to fire their lies and missiles. Be above reproach.

Instead of threatening North Korea and Iran have an evening broadcast and draw a red line and stick to it. There is not a doubt in my mind that the majority of Americans will climb on board. Most Americans do NOT want Iran to continue development of nuclear weapons or North Korea to keep testing ballistic missiles. Our military can stop them in their tracks and the majority of Americans will shout a hearty amen.





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