Most Beautiful Lady I Have Ever Known

On this Mothers day I celebrate my Mother. So many wonderful memories I often drift them back in my mind. She was my fishing buddy. We jump fished together. Yes, jump fished. We would get in my car, drive the country side and looked for fishing waters. We would jump out of the car, walk to the water and fish until we were told to leave.

I remember one time when she was on the opposite side of the pond and she caught a really big bass. Oh, Jimmy she said, I caught a hog. She was a good artist and once she saw an old piece of barn siding down a steep hill. Later she painted the most beautiful picture of the scene etched in her mind. I few years later as I drove from Alabama to spend Christmas with her and Dad, she had a package wrapped that I eagerly opened. Inside was the picture and I wept like a big baby.

Many times during my life I had made bad choices and paid a heavy price each time. Mom stuck by me no matter what.

From about the age of 30 I moved away from home. There were few days that we did not talk on the phone. I really don’t remember the details of our conversations but I remember vividly her voice when she would say, “Hello Jim.” I sure would like to hear that one more time.

Mom was one of the hardest workers I have ever known. She was scrappy and seldom held her tongue. I guess I inherited that from her and have got into much trouble because of it.

One thing I can always remember is that she loved my Dad passionately. Mom said Dad could be described with two words, “A Gentleman.” In all my years of knowing my Dad I don’t think he ever raised his voice. Dad also adored my Mother.

Dad was a big man, most of his life he drank too much and he claimed it was because of his Irish heritage. When Dad died on Saint Patrick’s’ day in 1990, Mom was devastated. The first night at the funeral home, as we all were leaving, I took Moms arm as we walked up to the casket. Never knowing what Mom would say she uttered the words, “You old fool you.” That was her way of telling him that she loved him.

Mom also drank much and one scene still sticks in my mind. My younger brother Steve was in the army and spent one year in Vietnam. On one occasion just after my brother left and we all drove back home, we sat in the back yard to console one another. My younger sister Deb was having a hard time with it and blurted out to Mom, “Oh, just have a drink and forget about it.”

Both Dad and Mom did not become Christians until a year or two before their death. My younger brother led both of them to the Lord. I can’t type the rest of this without tears.

I was living in a suburb of Detroit. Mom had been diagnosed with cancer. I could be wrong but I don’t think I ever missed a weekend driving to where she lived to visit. We would sit at the kitchen table, drink stale coffee  and talk to each other. Mom got up from the table, walked to the back of where she lived and for a reason I can’t remember, I followed her. Suddenly she stopped, turned around and said, “Oh, Jimmy, I never knew it was so easy.” After we got back to the kitchen table I asked her what was so easy. To know Jesus, she said.

Not long after that I was visiting and as my practice was I drove back home on a Sunday evening. The next day, I think it was my brother who called me and said I had better come as he did not think Mom had much longer. I was busy with my business but did not argue and quickly drove the two-hour trip. Mom was put in the hospital and I think all seven of us siblings were in the hospital room. I was the last to arrive. I walked over where Mom was laying and put my head on her breasts. Though I desperately not wanting to but I wept uncontrollably. Mom woke up for a short moment and say, Hi Jim. Please don’t worry, I am going to see Poppy now.

So blessed to have a wonderful Mother. Mom went to see Dad and I can’t wait to see her again as I’m sure the first words out of her mouth will be, “Hello Jim.” More later as I recall…….



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