My Sin, Your Sin Effects Others

Sin never is fair. Sin hurts others not just the one who has sinned. Never could we understand the Holiness of God unless we know the seriousness of sin. Sin spreads its wrath just like a spider spins its web. Sin has cursed an otherwise perfect world. From the crops of the earth to the storms in the sky sin has taken its toll.

Sin brings out Gods love but also invites Gods anger and judgment.

Sin, the friend of Satan the curse of mankind.  Someone says to themselves, “I’m only going to sin a little.” But it has rightly been said that sin will take you farther than you want to go.

The first sin of Adam and Eve cursed the entire human race. Sin always effects others. Pride is the root of sin. Sin is the result of pride. Sin is a disease that spreads more surely than the common cold. Sin tells others that sin is OK.

Satan cheers when we sin, God weeps. Jesus wept over Jerusalem for rejecting Him.

Sin is the reason we have hospitals, lock smiths, a military and police force. Sin is the reason for pesticides, drivers license, hunting and fishing regulations, and all sickness.

Sin that from the beginning is neither necessary, natural nor normal. Sin is self afflicted just as surely as if we pointed a gun to our head.

Every once in awhile I hear some well intentioned person say or wonder why sin effects others. My suggestion is to study the Holiness of God. Only then can we begin to understand why sin is so serious, why sin should be avoided at all cost, why others suffer in its wake.

If there was no sin there would be no Hell. Our attitude and hate of sin is a test of our love for God.

Sin tears families apart. Sin is the cause of riots and civil disobedience. Sin is why we elect ungodly people to lead us. Sin mixed with good ruins the good. More later as I recall…….


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