The Super Natural Book

Find below 12 statements concerning the Bible being a supernatural book. In all 12 statements an entire book could be written or have been written to demonstrate each point. Not sure how much the 12 books would weigh but they would be heavy.

1. No proven errors of any kind found in the Bible
2. Penned by at least 40 people of whom most knew not each other, most with different back grounds yet the Bible is completely harmonious and in sync from beginning to end.
3. Not one single proven contradiction.
4. Prophecy fulfilled to the smallest detail.
5. Has withstood the test of time.
6. Countless times have the Bible been burned, banned with a huge attempt to eradicate  yet the Bible lives on.
7. Thousands throughout the centuries have attested to the Bible changing their lives.
8. Hundreds of medical and scientific does the Bible contain yet only relatively recently verified by scientists.
9. The most printed and published book in the history of the world.
10. Completely accurate in every aspect of history.
11. The only book that lists moral principles as they should be.
12. The only book that originated the tenet that the Saviour paid mans penalty of sin.

As a person reads and studies the Bible they soon learn that it is a bottomless well of learning. No one in a lifetime will learn everything God has to say in His book and it is refreshing each and every day. More later as I recall…….


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