Old Rugged Cross Museum

An afternoon spent at the museum of the author of “The Old Rugged Cross.”

A grand trip it was. The museum was more than expected and afterward drove to the cemetery to visit the grave of George Bennards second wife Hannah.  Close by on the road is a pull off with a tall wooden cross erected that marks the nearby site of George Bennards home in Reed City Michigan.

The museum is broken down into 3 large rooms. The first room where I spent most of my time contains many of Bernnards personal effects. Three Bibles that he used, two are under lock and key but one you can leaf through but has little writing inside the covers. The piano he used, shaving razors, pocket watches and many things he personally used.

The other two rooms are certainly interesting. Mostly of things from the 1800’s and it gives a sense of how folk lived back then.

So walls are covered with artifacts. There is a framed piece of paper in which he hand wrote the “Old Rugged Cross.” Many of his personal notes throughout as well as his dinning table and couch.

Few folk were there so I got a personal tour by a man familiar with the museum and who actually sung at Bennards funeral.

The entire trip and experience was enough to make me want to learn more about him and especially his ministry. An afternoon well spent for sure. More later as I recall…….


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