What the Bible Says Concerning U.S.A. in History

Whenever I write an article two things come to mind. It must be short if it is going to be read. Otherwise few will read and it simply would be a waste of time. The other thing is I know I am not some great writer with wonderful talent and if I did make it lengthy I would probably get more folk confused and it would not do justice to Gods word.

The U.S.A. is not mentioned by name nor has anyone proven to me that it even can be found directly in the Bible. Theories yes, actual proof no. Sure I have my ideas but since I am not sure, I will leave them to myself.

If you read much of what I write, Israel is the key to prophecy. For that reason I read the Jerusalem post, a few other middle east publications and of course anything that has to do with that part of the world in world news.

We do know as this age winds down it will boil down to every nation in the world will be against and go against Israel. This of course includes the U.S.A. I do believe that when all this unfolds and it begins to happen that the United States will still be a nation and not have been destroyed. I believe this because I believe the time is very short and though we are no longer a godly nation our nation still holds together and is very powerful.

As we look at our people and government it can be said that the U.S.A. is a strong supporter of Israel. However, it also can be said that in many ways we have gone against Israel. The Bible clearly says that every inch of the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people and to no other. In fact Israel has still not claimed all the land God once given to them. Of course it will happen in Gods time table.

One thing we must caution ourselves from believing and that is because our leaders say they are a strong supporter of Israel it does not make it so or does not mean it it will remain so.  Starting way back with President Bush we have attempted to push Israel into giving up more land for the pretense of peace. Just a couple of days ago the United Nations declared Israel to be occupiers rather than owners of Jerusalem. The United States voted against the resolution but President Trump has clearly said that he has no opinion on the subject but instead just wants everyone to be happy with the outcome. I take it by what President Trump has said that he will back whatever the majority of the world comes up with.

One of the clear teachings in the Bible is that often when anyone says something they can not always be trusted. Just saying our President or anyone is a supporter of Israel does not make it so. The book of James is a prime example of this principal. Just because a man says he has faith does not mean that he actually does or that his faith in genuine.

One thing we know, Satan is deceptive and a liar. In the end, the man of sin will be revealed and this man, called the antichrist will lead the world. Not now, but when the battle begins to rage, Satan himself will enter into this man. It must be a man full of pride and a man that is deceptive beyond ordinary belief. This man will come and the world will say peace is now here. However it will end up to be just the opposite of peace  as the world led by this man will go against Israel and all out war will come to the entire world. The Bible says it will be a time of war like never before seen on this earth.

Of all the evidence and proof that  one needs to conclude the Bible is in fact Gods word, we only need to look at Bibles prophecy. There is never an error. Once, not long ago, a non believing professor at a prestigious university gave his students as a project to find all the prophecies in the Bible pointing to Jesus as being the Christ. Believing that Jesus comes in two stages, first as a lamb and then the second time as a lion it was determined that mathematically that Jesus is indeed the Christ. No other conclusion could be reached as every single prophecy down to the smallest detail of His first coming has been fulfilled. More later as I recall…….



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