The Why of Compromising Christianity

I suppose there are many reasons why we Christians compromise. Notice I use the word we because I too often am guilty as the arguments and logic of liberals and such can seem so appealing  and palatable.

The main reason in my view that we compromise and are lukewarm is because the world has rubbed off on us. Compromising seems so much easier. Fewer people get mad at us and when we compromise our beliefs the world looks up to us.

It has no longer important whether our leaders are good moral people has we are told we are not electing Pastors and God does not care. Just get along, everything is good, just be happy we are told.

We are told we must separate the secular from the spiritual. If by secular we mean that God is neutral on things and God should be kept out of certain things, in my view we are perverting the Bible and what God actually says. It is true that some things are not mentioned in the Bible but Gods principles do apply to every phase of our life and in everything we do. God has not left us hanging and free to make up our own rules.

Divorced people are forgiven by God when they repent. Divorced people are often wonderful Christians. However that does not mean we should Marry and divorce. It does not mean God is for divorce. Logic things all we want and we get into big trouble.

We can make laws to legalize stealing but stealing is wrong regardless. We can say the end justifies the means but it never does. A good cause is not Gods permission to break His laws. That is why socialized medicine is wrong. God had the Apostle Paul write, “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.” 11 Thessalonians 3:10

Of course we should care for the poor. We should be liberal and give much to those who simply have health conditions that prevent them from working, especially old folk and widows. But those able to work but refuse should not anything be given to. So says God. Beyond that no person, no government has a right or Gods permission to forcibly take from one and give to another. According to God ALL giving is to be done voluntarily and should be done with a happy heart. More later as I recall…….




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