Love My Country but I’m Sad

Old age is neither good or bad. Getting old is a time to reflect. Remembering where we came from. Looking at where we are and wondering where we are going. I still love the songs, “God Bless America,” Our National anthem and so many more patriotic songs.

We all could have been born in Iran, China, Russia or North Korea. We live in a country where tens of thousand have given their life and we all owe deep gratitude to these people and to the one who created us all.

Should I have been brought up and schooled in Islam would I now hate America? No way to actually tell. Would I be a militant fighting for ISIS? Or perhaps working the rice paddies in China for pennies a day.

One reason I love history is learning about those who came before me and how we got to where we are today. At 74 years of age I have seen much and have lived through much history. Because of that I am very opinionated. There are things I believe in strongly.

Seeing the things happening now to our country brings tears to my eyes. It is NOT how we became great. It is not how we became the most benevolent country this world has ever seen. It was never just “us first.” We, as a nation, spread our wealth, we spread the Gospel like no other country ever did. We came to a quick aid to our allies not just near home but around the world we fought for what is right.

We were a grand example to the entire world. We were looked up to and only despots rallied their people against us. We took in refugees and all those who were being persecuted and oppressed. We were proud to do so and God blessed us for our kindness by giving us prosperity. If a leader was caught lying, that person was out. Believe it or not even the media supported us.

We were never miss goody two shoes but we did demand truth and moral leadership. It is true, our leaders were not always good moral leaders but those who were not, kept it well hidden. We simply believed we should hire the cream of the crop to lead our nation not just in the executive branch but in every portion of our government. If a person came out as openly gay they were discharged.

You see, I am old enough to know where we came from. Now, I pray often, God have Mercy on us. More later as I recall…….


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