Is this why God is going to bless America?

Many Americans say America is now going to be great again because God is going to shower is blessings on us.

Is this why God is going to bless America?

Mind bending drugs such as Marijuana  are now commonplace and legal in many states. Our government now encourages gambling. The social media is filled full of filth. America no longer cares if its leaders are immoral. Christians back immoral leaders with cute little sayings such as “no one is perfect.”  Pornography is now free and available on the internet. It is reported that 77% of Americans view pornography websites at least once per month. Homosexuality is now promoted by our government and media. Laws are being passed to protect the homo sexual, transgender and immoral of all types. Working for a living is now down played and welfare is encouraged and the norm of the day. More people now live together rather than making marriage commitments. It is estimated that only a fraction of one percent marry as virgins.

America first actually means us and us only. ME, me, me. Until we have everything our heart desires we don’t want to help any one. When I get a new car, new house, the best medical care and if I have any money left over I might help someone. Of course they would have to meet my criteria and standards.

So because of all this are huge blessings on the way from God? More later as I recall…….



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