5 Reasons Why I Attend Church

Understand full well that being a member or attending church has zero to do with making Heaven my eternal home. With that said for me attending church is most important. Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday evening that where I go.

Does that make me a fanatic? I hope so because I love it so much. The question is why do I go?

First of all I need it. I freely though sadly admit my fleshly nature gets its way all too often. Here is what takes place every time I attend:

The Bible is taught and preached. Nothing else, just the Bible. All who attend on a regular basis brings their Bible. We look up passages and verses as the Preacher expounds. If you are a Bible believer and follow via a concordance the word “Preach” or the subject “Preach” we quickly learn that Preaching is Gods method not just to win the lost but to give spiritual maturity to the believer. All these years and not only have I never tired of listening to Gods word Preached but I love it more and more as time passes.

Second, I need the Christian fellowship of like minded Christians. Yes, there are tomes when I compare myself to other Christians and when I do I get humbled with seeing how much I lack. I love the church I attend because there are many dedicated believers.

Third, I love the congregational songs and special music provided by some very talented believers. It never ceases to bless my soul. Awhile ago the Preacher asked me to make a quick run to get some donuts. Only a couple minutes late but as I walked along the side of the church I could hear the singing. Wow, I sure was blessed. As I made it to my seat I could not contain my smile.

Fourth, I attend church and am a member because I now have an earthly Pastor. Not only does he Preach but visits me when I’m sick, councils me when I ask and simply is a wonderful friend.

Fifth, I attend a local church because we are taught in scripture to do so. Ephesians, Titus, the letters to Timothy. In fact it was Christ Himself that ordained the local church simply because He instructed Paul especially to write letters to local churches. As a matter of fact Paul went about starting and establishing local churches.

Too often I hear folk who claim to be believers talk against the local church. Sure there are some bad ones but what really gets me is when they twist and turn Scripture and try to say the local church is not important. Not good to attend a bad church. Not good to use that as an excuse for not attending a good church.

Of course none of us who attend a good Bible believing church are perfect. And a long way from it, but that is the purpose of attending a good Bible believing church, to improve and use perfection as our goals. Ephesians chapter 4 says the PASTOR is the one used by God to help push us to that goal of Holiness and proper living. More later as I recall…….


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