Little Things Mean a Lot

Always glad when Winter recedes permitting Spring to display all its wonders. Love to watch the birds come to my feeders with songs and a hungry tummy. Last year had a red woodpecker come for the sun flower seeds. So wonderful to watch and enjoy Gods creation.

Right now in Western Michigan there are a few trees with baby leafs and soon they all will be completely dressed in all their majesty. Can’t help thinking when winter sets in and the trees are bare it correlates with us old folk losing are finery looks of youth.

Only about a dozen trees on my lot but they remind me of Calvary and that Jesus was hung on a tree.

A few flowers now blooming on my little lot and they remind me of Gods beauty for us to behold. Squirrels, doves, robins and such a variety. When I hear the birds sing it reminds of  Solomon and his song concerning Christ and His church.

I think about the song “How Great Thou Art” and at night look up at the stars or wait for the rolling thunder that displays Gods power. Maybe I’m crazy but I love these little things. The warm breezes that now come, the bright sun that often shines to illuminate Gods creation.

I remember the old time song, “Little Things mean a Lot.” [A wife to her husband]

Blow me a kiss from across the room
Say I look nice when I’m not
Touch my hair as you pass my chair
Little things mean a lot
Give me your arm as we cross the street
Call me at six on the dot
A line a day when you’re far away
Little things mean a lot
Don’t have to buy me diamonds and pearls
Champagne, sables and such
I never cared much for diamonds and pearls
But honestly honey, they just cost money
Give me your hand when I’ve lost the way
Give me your shoulder to cry on
Whether the day is bright or gray give me your heart to rely on
Send me the warmth of a secret smile
To show me you haven’t forgot
Now and forever , that always and ever
Little things mean a lot

I think my favorite verse in all the Bible is found in the “Song of Solomon.”

He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.
Chapter 2 verse 4

Such a wonderful Saviour. More later as I recall…….



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