The Week that Changed the World

No more important week for Christians than the week of Easter. The importance of the story is not what day or month Jesus was Crucified but instead the focus should be on Him and the events leading up to the greatest sacrifice of all time. Argue all you want about the word Easter but leave me out of it.

How could a man who lived such a short life impact the entire world the way Jesus has? There is simply no rational explanation given by the world at large. Even after it was over, Christianity exploded in numbers and traveled throughout the world. No one can name one person ever born who has had such an impact for good.

An itinerant preacher traveling about the country side.  With no formal education He Preached to the attention of all. At times thousands would come hear Him preach. “The officers answered, Never man spake like this man.” John 7:46 Jesus would sit on a hillside and begin to speak. Folk would come and not leave until He was finished, Once when the hour grew late and hunger set in, Jesus fed them all, so says Scripture.

The trial of Jesus was politics at its worse. Though Pilot heard all the evidence of the charges made it was obvious Jesus had broken no laws. There was a custom in those days concerning more than one prisoner that the court could extend Mercy and release one of those whom had been charged. Since Pilot found Jesus innocent and declared, “I find no fault in Him,” it seemed only natural and right that Jesus would be released. When Pilot asked the crowd gathered it was not Jesus who was released. Release the thief Barabbas was the cry of the crowd. Pilot rather than doing what was right was a man pleaser and set Barabbas free and permitted Jesus to be crucified.

Some in the crowd probably reasoned with their own sinful logic that if Jesus was really who He claimed to be, the cross could never hold Him. My what sinful logic we often use in an attempt to disobey God and do exactly as we want contrary to Gods word.

I’m sure today that had the method of death in those days would be outlawed today as cruel and unusual punishment. It wasn’t that the offender simply had to die, it was determined that the offender must suffer greatly as to  physical harm and be humiliated in their mind by being taunted and ridiculed. No quick death but instead long and painful. It was not that Hid body was unhealthy, weak and sick. Instead His body was alive to ever blow that was struck.

One of the worse aspects of the entire procedure was He was forsaken, even by His friends and family. There is not one written account of His disciples or even His own Mother speaking up in His defense. None screamed for it to stop. All those present simply looked on and worse than an innocent puppy caught among lions Jesus was cut, wounded, taunted and scourged in order that the most amount of pain possible could be inflicted.

6 million Jews were gassed and murdered during the holocaust and rightly so much of the world has cried out in disgust. Where is the disgust for what was done to the Son of Man? This innocent Jew whom had done nothing but good His entire life? The one who healed the sick, made the deaf to hear, the lame to walk, the one whom had such great compassion for those who suffered no matter if they were sinners or not?

This week, because of this man, certainly it is the week that changed to world. This week is the week that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that mankind was by nature evil to the core. This week is the week that shined the light upon the entire human race.

Many of us who read this are Bible believers and Bible defenders and rightly so. We have admitted to our creator what awful sinners we are and turned to Him to have Mercy on us. While we defend Gods word the Bible let us make our defense of Jesus the prime focus. It is Him that this is all about. Jesus is the focus of the entire Bible, not us. Get together for fellowship and talk about all the things found in the Bible but better yet, talk about Him. Talk about the person of Jesus the Christ. It is Him that is the primary focus. Him that changed the world. It is Him that even today Saves marriages, redeems those afflicted by such things as evil mind bending drugs, sticky fingers of thieves, those that gossip and support modern-day immorality. The list is endless but the healing and cure that Jesus gives is up to the task.

Jesus is there for all, not just the elite but for every person born of woman.  On my tomb marker I want two large words carved in the granite, “JESUS SAVES.”

Wretched, rebellious sinners that rail against God almighty, yet Gods Mercy is available for all. Jesus Saves the worst of the worst, if and when they repent by admitting who they are and put their trust in the one who suffered and died on Calvary nearly 2000 years ago.

While hanging on the cross and just before Jesus took His last breath there came out of His mouth the most beautiful words ever spoke, “IT IS FINISHED.” Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe. Sin had left a crimson stain, He washed it white as snow. More later as I recall…….




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