Liberals Pounding the Airwaves

Many say we are progressing in humane affairs. Morality is being thrown out the window even by compromising Christians who claim morals is not important in the person who leads our country. The main thing they tell us can he make America great again.

CNN on their front page has an article just today that reads:

Rethinking monogamy today

Here is one section of the article:

“(CNN)Could opening your relationship to others benefit you and your partner?

For many couples, monogamy — staying sexually exclusive with one partner — is expected and assumed. It’s even included in many marriage vows. But as some people are increasingly realizing, monogamy isn’t for everyone.
In fact, consensual non-monogamy can be a healthy option for some couples and, executed thoughtfully, can inject relationships with some much-needed novelty and excitement.
But these days, some are finding they want to challenge their notions about sexual exclusivity.”
As for myself I could care less if the ones promoting such are Christian, perhaps a Pastor or just a regular John Doe who lives next door. Immorality is wrong and completely against what God says in His book. Make all the excuses you want. Go ahead and tell me we are not electing a Pastor to run our country. Go ahead, make a fool out of yourself and tell me we are all sinners so it makes no difference. Twist it, turn it, champion you cause and you move me not. More later as I recall…….



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