Ohio Fires Missiles Into Michigan


Ohio fires rockets into Michigan. No one hurt. The missile was a scud type and landed in an open field scaring the farmer planting his crops. Ohio Governor when questioned simply said that one day Michigan would be wiped off the map and driven into Lake Erie and lake Michigan. The Governor further said that the State of Michigan had no right to exist.

Of course this never happened and never will. Both Michigan and Ohio are fierce competitors in sports, especially on the college level but not as enemies but as competitors .  Here is the thing, this scenario actually does take place in the Middle East.

Just today a rocket was fired from Egypt’s Sinai into Israel and it landed on a green house. Each year incidents take place hundreds of times. Mostly from the Gaza strip but other places bordering Israel as well.

Israel has a wonderful defense system  [GOD] and there is seldom loss of life.

Muslims brag that as much as Israel loves life, those of Islam love death. God says had the writer of Proverbs pen these words about these people:

But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.  Proverbs 8:36

This is just one reason that Muslims who adhere to strict Islam are nothing more than tools of Satan.

The United Nations whom we support with huge amounts of money are forever drawing up resolutions against Israel and the Jewish people. The Arabs that call themselves Palestinians have repeatedly announced that they would never recognize Israel as a legitimate State.

Arab State after Arab State side with the Palestinians. Israel must be on alert at all times. From suicide bombers of innocent women and children there must be check points scattered at all border crossings and armed Israeli soldiers patrol the country side and cities to defend and protect its people.

We Bible believers understand that real peace in this part of the world is NOT possible until God steps in personally and rules with an iron hand. Yet until that happens Israel must stay on high alert and thwart the Muslims as they attack.

We here in the United States insist that there are moderate Muslims. Tell that to the Jewish people living in Israel and you will get a different answer. More later as I recall…….



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