Here’s My Answer As to Why God Will let Me Into Heaven

This evening I put a question on facebook,   “What answer would you give. You die and stand at the gate of Heaven and the Lord says, “Why should I let you in?” Read the question carefully, it is not do you believe in Heaven, it is not does the Bible teach there is a Heaven. Why should He let you in?

Why should God permit you to live for all eternity in Heaven? Because you have lived a wonderful life? Because you have done your best? Because you attend church, got Baptized, observed the sacraments? Not been too bad? Gave to the poor? Did things in the name of the Lord? Read your Bible every day? Told others about the Saviour?

One day this life will be over. Ignoring eternity will never get anyone anywhere that is wonderful.

When I was growing up there were often signs on the road, “Prepare to Meet Thy God.”

Well, how does a person prepare? Is there a way?

First the very reason the Bible was written was to answer this important question. To tell us how and to tell us what to do.

Here is my answer:

Here is why the Lord will permit me to enter Heaven: There came a time in my life, after hearing the Gospel Preached, that I admitted to God I was a complete failure in everything I ever did as far as never living up to what God expected of me. I decided I would believe everything Jesus ever said and put my 100% trust in him and Him only to be my Saviour. Short but that is my answer.


You see, I do not deserve Heaven. Why? Because I fall way short of what God expects of me. My only hope is to be forgiven. To have my shortcomings washed away. Since Jesus the Christ Died, was buried, shed His blood and arose on the 3rd day, my only hope is Him and what he did on Calvary.

I sure can not claim I have lived a wonderful life and deserve Heaven. If I got what I deserved I would burn in Hell forever. His Mercy is the only reason I can say I’m Saved from Hell. No other reason. More later as I recall…….


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