What Is It Going To Take to Turn This Country Around?

Written below is from a Biblical perspective and in my opinion the only answer to turning our country around and changing our direction to good.

The general thinking is, to turn this country around, we must bring back jobs, appoint those who we think will remain conservative to the Supreme Court, lower taxes, make trade fair, elect conservatives,  do away with illegal immigration, cut regulations, Congress working together etc. I very much disagree. Sure these things our very important  but there is something that stands much higher and without, we will fail as a Nation.

What is it? It is God blessing our Nation. It is God taking hold and making the paths straight and doable.

How can that happen? Not necessarily  in this order but we must pray for our President Donald Trump. Not just to make good decisions but to get his heart right. I’m not saying he must become a Christian. But one thing for sure, he needs to get rid of some major flaws. Frankly, with President Trump being 70 years of age, I do not see how it is possible unless he gets Saved. He has ingrained and practices that are so  horrible to make a mob boss blush. Traits of immorality and dishonesty that I see no other possibility other than to repent and become a Christian. . The idea that the end justifies the means and to win no matter the cost must go. Unless a person is blind, dumb and has an extremely low IQ it is obvious that the President we elected has an extremely crooked side.

The problem is, Trump attracts crooked people. Yes, even crooked Christians that tend to justify everything they do on a personal level. Trump can and does lose court battle after court battle and we say, “Well he has so many businesses some must fail. While that is true they should not fail because of unethical practices. And unless you read only the positive things about President Trump the list is long on crooked deals. Deals where, in his opinion, the end, [him winning], justifies the means.

But the above is just a starter and is only the tip of the iceberg. The biggest challenge is with the church. Not only much Christians pray and repent but they must get rid of sinful beliefs such as choosing the lesser of two evils.  They must decide to do right until the stars fall and then keep on doing right. They must decide if they are the only one left standing they will stand on the side of God and obey what the Bible says. A Bible preacher recently said, Mother taught me that getting half the pie is better than not getting any of the pie. But the problem here from a Biblical perspective is that half of evil is still evil.

Christians must learn to speak out against evil and not be silent. Myself included in all this.

When I fail to drop to my knees each day and pray for our President, Donald Trump, I must admit to God I have sinned. When I find myself having sympathy for Christians who have compromised the word of God I must repent. Pray for them yes, but not be silent and condone their practices.

ONLY God can turn this Nation around.

Have you wondered why President Trump is having such difficulty even though there is in theory a majority of Conservatives in Congress? Much of his own party is against him. You say well he must be doing something right? Really? Not being able to get the right things done is because he is right? Do you not think that God could change the hearts of those working with Him? Is God so small and so powerless? I don’t think so.

Is it not God who has all power? Is it not God who when David repented not only blessed David but blessed Israel? Do Christians actually believe that by doing wrong God will bless? I hear the sickening statements all too often that God uses immoral and crooked people to bless our Nation so it matters not whom we elect as leaders. Christian leaders by the drove, all over this Nation our making these claims. Saul is used as one example yet Saul ended up very bad for Israel.

The God of the Bible is a Holy God and we should not make him like the gods of this world.

So I list in the above two main points. pray for Donald Trump that he gets his heart right.

Christians must do right until the stars fall and then keep on doing right.

Bring all the jobs back we want  but if we continue on the path we are on with no ethics, no morals and the thinking that the end justifies the means we are doomed. More later as I recall…….




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