Message At Church Tonight Was A Barn Burner

So proud of my little brother who is also my Pastor. Told about after he got Saved and as time went he made decisions on serving God.

Married to the same woman for over 40 years he has no regrets. Once he got Saved he decided to not listen to rock junk and instead fell in love with Christian music. Decided to cut his long hippie hair and both he and his wife decided to dress differently. He decided not to watch junk on TV. No more listening to or telling dirty jokes. Decided to tithe and never miss church and go every time the doors were open. Been at the same church since 1991 and has zero regrets. Decided to read daily his Bible and never send his children to a secular school. Decided to spank his kids when they rebelled or misbehaved.  Decided to take his kids door knocking and teach them how to win the lost to Christ.

He pastors an independent, Bible believing, Baptist church,  separated, King James Bible, soul winning church and says he will never change.

Not only does he read and pray daily but he listens to Bible Preaching every day.

He says he falls way short of what he should be but I only wish I was that short.

Knowing him for all these years I know no other man with such honesty and that is saying a lot. More later as I recall…….


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