Reformed Churches

No matter how you cut the cake when we are talking about the church we are talking about people. Unless you mean the creed, constitution or the physical structure. The church is people. The church is local people gathering together as a unit. A Biblical church is one that believes the Bible and endeavors to practices such.

Some churches call themselves reformed. What did they reform? Their creed? Beliefs? Their practice?

The Bible talks much about regeneration but I don’t recall chapters or verses pointing to reformation.

Years ago the United States had what was called reform schools.  A reform school was a penal institution, generally for teenagers. Even back then the answer was never reformation but instead regeneration.

A Biblical church should be filled with those who believe the Bible. The ONLY way this can be done is for the members to be born again. Not reformed, born again. When a person becomes part of and joins the church they should be able to present a clear testimony as to repenting and coming to Christ.

I would much rather call a church a Bible believing church than a reformed church.

After all is this not the purpose of the church? A group of Bible believers that gather together for the purpose of following the Saviour and the Bible? Is this not the main thing, the main purpose? Reforming a creed Saves no one. Why? Because a creed Saves no one. Jesus the Christ is the Saviour and Him only. Jesus the Christ and the Bible should be the only guideline and focus.

We should major on the major not something that merely sounds good. More later as I recall…….


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