Wonderful Preaching Tonight at Church

I’ll not go over the entire message but will list one of the points. Definition of forgiveness…….taking it off our account. No debt owed. Forgotten.

Now that is a wonderful definition and is as true as true can be. Not so easy to put into practice but is a mandatory principle found in Gods word.

  1. We are to forgive others no matter if they have hurt us.
  2. We are to accept Gods forgiveness when we confess to God our sins.

Not doing either is not believing what God says.

The story of Joseph was told. Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers. Some of his brothers wanted to kill Joseph. Joseph accepted his lot as a slave but so impressed Pharaoh that Joseph became the number two man in Egypt and had much power. Twenty years later the brothers of Joseph came to Egypt and not knowing that Joseph was there brother had a meeting with him to beg for food. Joseph recognized them right off but said nothing derogatory to them. He could have had their heads.

Instead, Joseph forgave them and treated them wonderfully. They never repented but Joseph forgave them because they were his brothers.

In a tight with family members? Perhaps you should follow the lead of Joseph and God will bless you for it.  More later as I recall…….


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