A Good Tip That Will help You Read the Bible

Sometimes we tend to get all tangled up. There are times we may attempt to read the Bible and get confused because we get the idea it is difficult to understand.

Someone said about such a plight, “I don’t worry about what I don’t understand, I am much more concerned about what I do understand when I read the Bible.”

The Bible is such an exhaustive book. For the most part when we spend a reasonable time in reading Scripture we learn something new each and every time.

If we read through the entire Bible and fully understood every thing written there would be little incentive to go back and read it again. With over 750,000 words the Bible is a gold mine to be discovered. It is not only up to date but ahead of the time in which we live. Truly the Bible is the best book ever written.

Here is an interesting fact. On one can know the Lord outside of depending on Gods word. You say you know little of the Bible? I tell you that you know little of the Master and Lord of creation.

The Bible teaches we should read scripture, mediate on Scripture, obey and practice what we find inside its wonderful pages.  More later as I recall…….


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