To Those Angry With Me

Early on I was a supporter of Ted Cruz for President. Voting for Cruz in the primary I held my nose in the general election and voted for Trump. To me Hillary was no better than Obama and perhaps worse. Voting for the lesser of two evils, was more than just difficult.

To me, having loyalty to principles and to what the Bible teaches is much more important than loyalty to a person.

Plus I do not buy the argument that Christians should not have opinions on what the government does and our government is ran by politicians. I believe we are falling on the side of the Devil when we say that Christians should stay out of politics.

From the beginning my reservations concerning Donald Trump had mostly to do with his well known immorality. From making millions off the gambling industry to having multiple affairs and being unrepentant raised doubts in my mind. In studying his business practices it became obvious that he had few if any ethics. Trumps main goals was to make money and promote himself.

After Trump won I had hopes that he would do what is right. In looking briefly at his many appointments to his cabinet I got enthused. However, the deeper I looked at facts concerning his cabinet appointments the more afraid I became.

Some of what Trump ran on sounded good but much of it sounded pretty shaky. While campaigning Trump made it clear that he was for government ran health care. The biggest thing that bothered me was his flip flopping on so many issues.

I still believe that Hillary would have been much worse but I also believe that when it is all said and done Trump will not be far behind.

I am very skeptical that Trump is a supporter of Israel. Like Bush pushed for a two State solution to divide Israel Trump is following in Bush’s foot steps. I have big doubts that Trump will ever move our embassy to Jerusalem.

I have big doubts that Trump will bring down our national debt.

His latest move with health care certainly proves my points. Government ran health care is a huge burden to tax payers.

I do not believe Trump or Congress will remove funding to Planned Parenthood.

Of course time will tell if Trump will actually do good for America and I sincerely hope I am wrong. I would love to admit I was wrong and for America to not only benefit but be blessed by God for changing our past direction. Of course I must give Trump a chance. After all I have no other choice as my small voice means little.

As the famous Bible Preacher Bob Jones was known for saying, “Do right until the stars fall.” More later as I recall…….




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