Things I Am Against

If it against what the Bible teaches I am against it. Doesn’t matter what my heart says, God is right all the time.

I’m against helping people who are able but refuse to work. I’m against the practice of homosexuality no matter how sorry I feel for them or what others have to say about it. I’m against depending on the government and not instead depending on God to supply my needs.

I’m against the government running our lives whether it be taking charge of my health care, my housing, food supply or anything else government thinks I need and therefore should have.

I’m against politicians being dishonest and pulling the wool  over our eyes.

I don’t give my loyalty to ANY man or woman, or it,  but instead trust God and what is right.

I’m against both those who are evil and those who are less evil.

The Bible is right. Anything opposed is wrong. The Bible is up to date, NOT behind the times. What was right yesterday will be right today and in the future. Right and wrong NEVER changes.

I am against using abortion as means to rid ones self of responsibility. Killing a baby that has not come out of the womb is murder no matter what the law says. More later as I recall…….


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