Early each morning, this man would rise before the sun to prepare for his daily work; nothing unusual for any man living in the area.  He was one of many who made their living from the sea.  Many times he’d fish through the night if he hadn’t had success during the day.  When he arrived home his clothing was covered with fish blood, sweat and the smell of the open air. His face was leathered by the sun and tiny wrinkles crept around his eyes from straining them against the reflections of the sea. Some days were better than others, but his diligence and perseverance were attributes that would equip him for the road ahead.

Being a fisherman in Galilee required more than ten hours a day.  Fishermen were considered low class citizens, because of the raucous lifestyle and often bad language.  They were tough under pressure, especially when faced with windstorms that could capsize…

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