I’m So Confused

Society sure has changed in my lifetime. Seems I no longer relate. Screaming words that no one can understand seems to have taken place for vocal talent.  Running across a stage in an erratic manner is now considered dancing. Trying to figure out if someone is a boy or girl can be a real challenge. If someone doesn’t like someone else and their skin color is different then it is always because of the skin color. If it is a guy and he beats his wife and children we must like him and approve of him no matter if he has a different skin color than what we have.

I still have not figured out what a transgender is. Reading the news today 2 transgender women were killed. Does that mean they were once men and now women? Or once women but now parading as men? I learned last night that there is a movement to forbid parents to identify their children as boys or girls. We should let them grow up and decide which sex they want to be. I wonder if there will be boy and girl names or if we should just call children “IT” from now on?

Girls are not fat anymore. They are called BBW’s for big beautiful women. Free speech now means we are not free to speak if we have a different opinion than someone else. A politician telling the truth is now considered odd. The way to get to Heaven is by being a nice person. Forget morals, the church, the Bible, ethics, honesty, just be nice.

Heterosexuality is now considered a mental problem. One professor in an expensive preppy school had students fill out a question and answer sheet asking those who were heterosexuals if they have ever considered therapy for their mental illness?

A hero is no longer someone who gives their life for another but it is when they come out of the closet and announce to the world with pride that they are gay.

Obviously me not fitting in any longer is my burden to bear. I no longer recognize the world that I live in. I’m so confused that most folk would consider my case to be hopeless. No need for folk to worry and try to change me because it ain’t gonna happen. More later as I recall…….


One thought on “I’m So Confused

  1. You nailed it as to how every Christian should feel about this world. The longer one walks close to the Lord the more one feels out of place here. Strange and bizarre indeed is our current culture. It looks nothing like my childhood years nearly half a century ago. Nostalgia aside, we are truly sojourners in a strange land.


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