Calvinists and Me

Not being a Calvinist or an Armenian I am somewhere in the middle. I kind of hate that because I am not a middle of the road guy in anything else.

Calvinist believe that God forced me to accept Christ and repent. Armenians believe works are necessary to not only get Saved but to keep Saved. I guess I respect the Calvinists more so than the Armenians but in actuality I respect both. Here is why:

I’m sorta a history nut as well as a student of the Bible. Notice I said student, not an expert. God has used men greatly in the past who from both camps. Whitfield and Spurgeon were from the Calvinist camp. John Wesley and Charles Wesley were Armenians. Charles Finney is difficult to figure out. I would align myself more closely with R.A. Torrey, Billy Sunday and D.L. Moody. Regardless God has used them all to His Glory.

The idea that we should fight among ourselves over the issue, in my opinion, is repulsive to God.

Living a good clean life and winning others to Christ should be the main emphasis. Praying for others and walking close to the side of the Saviour, to my mind is what is important.

One thing for sure, we will ALL understand it much better when we see Him face to face. More later as I recall…….


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