Crazy things Christians Say

God wants us to elect an immoral man

Like and share and God will bless you

Plant your seed and riches will follow

Don’t judge because we are all sinners

God uses sinners so don’t judge them

Don’t show someone how to get saved, that is Gods job

God hates everyone who sins

Just pray over major things

The Bible is outdated

If you can handle riches God will make you rich

If I won the lottery I wouldn’t blow it

I’ll repent when I get older

I don’t care what people think of me

I’m a good person because I am not as bad as most

If I ran this country it would be better

God proves He is real by showing you miracles

If God treats me good then I will be good

Most of my problems are caused by others

The Bible has mistakes and errors

I wonder if there should be a loony ward for crazy Christians?




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