One Thing Trump MUST do to Succeed

Anyone with sense wants Trump to succeed in making America great again. Most of us want more and better paying jobs. We don’t want terrorists in our country.  We want lower taxes and we don’t want government to run our lives. We want freedom and we certainly do not want our country divided.

President Trump is a talented man. He specializes in running things that are big. For sure during his first month as President he has been like speedy Gonzales in doing things. I believe he is trying hard to keep his campaign promises.

I would not give a high grade to the media or congress in trying to help him succeed. A low D is as high as I could grade either one.

You can believe what I am about to write or reject but I tell you as a Bible believer there is one thing that will bring Gods major blessings. If you are not a Bible believer you will not believe and even few Christians fully comprehend the following:

God has promised to bless those who bless Israel. He promised to curse those who curse Israel. ALL the land of Israel belongs to ONLY the Jewish people. If you look at a map Israel is very tiny. In 1948 the United Nations recognized Israel as being legitimate. All in Gods plan.

According to Soffer, there are 6.2 million Jews and others in Israel, 1.7 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and 2.5 million Palestinians in the West Bank. There are 1.6 million Israeli Arabs, not including Druze. The Jews is Israel greatly outnumber the Palestinians by a ratio of almost 2 to 1.  The Jews are wealthy compared to the others. They are strong and the only nation to ever come back from the dead. Why? GOD!

The surrounding Arab countries out number the Jews. The Arab land is HUGE compared to the land of Israel. Yet with all the room in the other Arab countries they refuse to take in the Palestinians. If you are a history buff you will learn without dispute there has NEVER been a Palestinian government. NEVER a Palestinian State. The Palestinians get their name from the Philistines. The Philistines were one of the group of Arabs occupying the land of Israel when God ordered the Jewish people to go to war against all those who occupied Canaan which God then after the people succeeded called the land Israel.

Now here is the point. Trump told Prime minister Netanyahu to hold back on settlements. WRONG! NOT PLEASING TO GOD. All the land, every inch of it belongs to the Jewish people. Any Bible believer knows this.

Trump says either a two State or one State will please him as long as both sides are happy. HUH? You must be kidding me. One of the most ignorant statements I have ever heard. The Arabs will NEVER go for a TWO State solution. They were offered it in 1948 and several times since and have rejected it every time. The Arabs want only one thing and that is to destroy Israel. They teach such in their schools. Advertise it daily.

Here is a Statement from Netanyahu.

“If the Palestinians would lay down their arms there  would be peace. If Israel would lay down their arms there would be no more Israel.”  Could not be put any better.

If Trump is to succeed he must get behind Israel 100%. Not just SAY things but do them. DO NOT TELL ISRAEL TO CUT BACK ON SETTLEMENTS. The Bible says all the land is theirs. If Netanyahu would agree to give up more land he would be cursed by God. More later as I recall…….


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