Funny Stuff

Blonde pumps her gas but locks her keys inside car. She asks the attendant for a hanger in hopes it will work. After a while the attendant has some time and goes to help her.  The blonde inside the car keeps saying, move it to the right, now to the left…………..


The man answers the cell phone. Lady on the other end says, What are you doing?

Getting my hair cut.

Good I am just down the street in a fur shop. They have a mink on sale, can I buy it?

How much?

Only $15000.00

Sure honey if you really want it.

A little later the call comes again.

Are you still at the barber shop?


I’m at the dealership and they have a Mercedes on sale, can I but it?

How much?

Only $85,000.

Do you really want it?

Oh yes darling, I really do. OK, but only offer them $80,000.

The guy hangs up and says, does anyone know whose cell phone this is?


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