There IS NO God

Another title might be, “Making Government Our God,” OR  “Everyone has a god.”

The liberal agenda has gone so far it has all but destroyed America. We now are more socialistic than capitalistic. Under the guise of equality America has forsaken her roots. One must no longer work to obtain food, housing and medical treatment. We are now told all religions are good. Never mind they be a cult or a religion opposed to what the Bible teaches.

I love the meme put on social media concerning the barber and his long time customer. Louis the customer sits in the barbers chair reading his Bible while getting his hair cut. After the barber cuts his hair the barber says, “You know Mr. Louis, I don’t believer there is a God.” Shocked Mr. Louis looks at the barber and asks, “Why don’t you believe in God?”

Real simple says the barber, “All one must do is look about, if there was a God there would not be so much suffering.” Louis taken back and not sure how to answer leaves the shop puzzled. On the outside of the barber shop Louis stops and thinks. Then Louis notices close by is a long haired unkempt man just standing there. He turns to the man and asks him to please come in the barber shop with him.

The barber looks and before he can speak, Louis says, “You know my friend, I don’t believe in barbers.” The barber says, now that is silly, I’m a barber and I just cut you hair.” No says Louis, “If there were barbers there would not be men with long unkempt hair.”

“Now that is silly,  says the barber, men have long hair because they don’t come to me.”

Louis then says, “Could it be that there is so much misery in this world because they don’t go to God.” The barber smiles, thinks and then with his facial expression and the nod of his head agrees.

High on the list of what God wants and expects from us is for us to depend on God. To trust and obey Him.

The truth is most folk trust in things other than God. God gets pushed aside and down played.

I’m a good example. Never have I taken government assistance unless I have directly earned it. Why? Because I have been self reliant. I have trusted in myself and often have put God on the shelf. Many folk refuse to work and simply rely on and trust the government for their care.

Heaven will no doubt reveal some shocking things. We may learn how much better off we would have been if we had lived a life in trusting and relying on the one who created us.

A few years ago I remember having a conversation on the internet with a fellow I graduated with. Highly critical of my belief in the Bible, he lashed out and said, “My god is a small god.” I probably will never forget his words but it says much as to the condition of the world.

Just the fact that God loves us so much that He sent His only begotten son to pay the penalty for our sins and offer forgiveness should leave us with joy unspeakable. More later as I recall…….




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