Why I am against Muslims Living in U.S.A.

Jesus said we are to love our enemies and love our neighbors. Does that mean we are not to defend our self or our families. Of course not. Should we smile and love some one who rapes our daughters? Love them yes. Smile no. We should prosecute such. Love them by attempting to win them to the Saviour.

It is a fact that Islam teaches Muslims have permission to lie in order to carry out their agenda of world domination. It is a fact that Islam teaches women have no more rights than animals. Have you read the Quran? Have you studied the beliefs of Muslims? I have.

Dearborn Michigan has many Muslims. A few years ago in Dearborn the Muslims held a demonstration. They carried signs reading “Down with Democracy,” “Up With Sharia Law.”

Islam is completely against democracy. Not guessing, it is a fact. Are all Muslims violent? No! All religions are not practiced by their members but the members do not denounce their religion. They are permitted to lie as to what they believe.

When I was growing up Treason was a serious offense. When any religion or individual is against our Constitution it was considered Treason. It should be the same today. When a Muslim seeks to enter our country the should NOT be permitted to do so unless they renounce Islam. The idea of Muslims building Mosques and adhering to Islam is nothing short of insane on the part of Americans permitting such.

The idea of permitting Muslims to enter our country who believe women have no more rights than animals is beyond the pale.

The Quran and Islam is not secret. Anyone can quickly learn the beliefs of Muslims. There is absolutely no excuse for anyone wanting to permit those who are against our way of life to become a part of our society. The idea of permitting an older man to marry a girl who has not even reached puberty should be sickening to any American. Of course all Muslims do not practice such but their religion teaches that it is permissible.

With the beliefs Muslims have, they should live in countries that accept their way of life and beliefs.  More later as I recall…….


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