Questioning of Jeff Sessions Bothers Me

The problem Sessions has is he must answer in political correct manner to win conformation. Here are some of the stupid questions and stupid answers:

On Hillary Clinton Sessions assures the liberals that he will recuse himself. Wow, Yes, this bothers me. Why? As attorney General you should never recuse yourself from following the law. If you have or receive evidence that Clinton or the Clinton foundation as broken the law he should NEVER recuse himself. Yes, I realize a wrong answer would doom him. But realize this, most of the liberals will vote against Sessions no matter his answers.  The wimpy Republicans that call themselves conservative are the ones that we need to worry about.

Will you enforce LBGT laws of non discrimination. What a loaded question. Good thing I am not in Sessions place to answer because I would tell it like it is. In essence the political correct answer is “Yes I will over rule God and do what the liberals want.”

On and on the questions go. Straddle the fence, please everyone, tie your hands so tight you can’t, if approved, prosecute anyone. More later as I recall…….


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