One Thing I Know

Going on 74 years, living on this earth, I have learned I am often wrong concerning many things. When I am wrong it is still tough to admit. There are some things that I have believed for a long, long time and I know I am not wrong about. These beliefs I will take to my soon to be dug grave.

I know the Bible is true and I am what the Bible says I am. The Bible says I am a sinner that is in desperate need of forgiveness. Why? I too often do wrong. I believe the Bible is the best book ever written. I believe Jesus Christ is who He says He is, the only Saviour.

I can remember growing up and loved my grandmother. Even today I can not imagine my grandmother doing wrong. Yet the Bible says each one of us are sinners and need a Saviour. I’m glad I don’t have to judge anyone else because I have enough just looking in the mirror.

I firmly believe when this life is over I will be in Heaven. Why? Certainly not because I am a good person. In fact if I got what I rightly deserved I would spend eternity in Hell. However I have turned to the Saviour and have put my trust in HIM to be my personal Saviour.

When the time comes, should I be asked the question, why should I let you into Heaven, I have but one answer. Because of Jesus and the fact that I have put my trust in Him to be my Saviour. I have no other answer. I can not say God should let my into Heaven because I lived a wonderful life and was a good person. I can’t even, with all honesty, say I always did my best simply because I did not. The only thing I can say is, I came to the conclusion that I am a sinner and Jesus Christ is my only hope.

Jesus the Christ died for me and that is my claim. I don’t deserve to be forgiven but because of Gods love He has forgiven me. I deserve Hell but Jesus paid my Hell when He suffered and died on the cross. Of this one thing, I am sure. Of this one thing I know without a shadow of a doubt.

I will end up in Heaven NOT because I deserve it but because Jesus paid my Hell on the cross of Calvary. I owe everything to HIM. 100% I owe it to Him. I have nothing to plead but the blood Jesus spilled on the cross of Calvary. The below song and  lyrics says it all:




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