Things Found No Where in Any Bible

Religions evolve. Seems they don’t believe the Bible is up to date. As if when the Bible was written God did not know the future. As if things that happen today are a surprise to God.

No where in ANY Bible does it tell us to pray to Mary the Mother of Jesus. Not even a hint.

Nor is there anywhere in ANY Bible where it tells us to pray to dead people.

No where is any Bible does it speak of Purgatory or Limbo. These Doctrines were not introduced into the Catholic religion until about 600 years ago, well after Christ went back to Heaven.

No where in the Bible does it tell us the church is our Salvation. The Bible clearly teaches Jesus and Jesus ONLY is the Saviour.

Burning candles, penance and the like is found no where in any Bible.

No where in any Bible does it teach that a priest today is a mediator or go between us and God.

The story goes on and on. The next time you hear a catholic say their religion is built on the Bible or that as a catholic they believe the Bible, it is ABSOLUTELY false. More later as I recall…….


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