Likes and Dislikes About Trump

Seems to me we should paint a correct picture. Voting for Trump should NOT be a like in everything he does no matter what. Say what’s good, say what’s not good.

From a Bible stand point is all I speak here.

First, I love the stand Trump has taken in support of Israel. If for no other reason God will bless him. In his earlier debates before the election Trump made some statements that simply were in error and anti-Israel. He said in order to have peace Israel would have to sacrifice. Indicating that Trump like so many before him was wanting a two State solution. Now here is the problem. The Palestinians have been offered a two State solution several times but each time turned it down. Israel even gave up some major land portions in hopes for peace. What was the Arab Palestinians reaction? They announced the only peaceful solution was to drive the Jewish people and Israel into the sea and completely destroy. Thus they fired thousands of rockets into Israel and hired suicide bombers to kill innocent people including children.

Recently Obama and Kerry stabbed Israel in the back by taking to the United Nations the proposal to condemn Israel for building houses in East Jerusalem. East Jerusalem? Yes, the same streets Jesus walked. Plus God gave the entire land of Israel, unconditionally to the Jewish people over 3000 years ago. Hundreds of years before Islam was invented.

God bless Trump, he has seen the light and is now 100% on the side of Israel. So I say bravo Donald Trump, I love it.

What don’t I like about Trump? Most of his life he has been immoral. His 3rd wife recently said in an interview that she was proud she posed nude because she is proud of her body. Many of you Christians make excuses to justify. Lesser of two evils. Better than Clinton. God has used immoral people in the past. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You have no idea how to call a spade a spade. We now have our young women looking up to a first lady, as their example, and surely our young women must now think it OK to pose nude and display their body for men to lust after.

You may think it OK but God does not. You are nothing but hypocrites.

Let’s call the good and the bad. Let’s cling to what is right and shun wrong. Let’s not follow any man blindly. Let’s just believe the book. Let’s just stay on the side of God. More later as I recall…….




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