I Love Christmas

I thought Santa was real but can’t remember being disappointed when I found out he was not. I read comic books about Donald Duck, superman and watched Roy Rogers movies. I knew they were not real but enjoyed them. Imaginations in children can be beneficial in my opinion. I love Christmas. Love giving gifts and the happy moods. I love hearing the story of the birth of my Saviour. I am well aware that many are against the celebration of Christians and I could care less as they are NOT going to ruin it for me.


The following by Scott A Thomas:

Here’s my soapbox post for the month. Christian parents have the right to decide whether they want to play the game and have fun with their children by telling them there is a Santa Claus.

Some folks are having a hard time discerning the difference between telling fiction for entertainment and enjoyment reasons and telling a lie. There is a difference.

If you cannot see that telling kids that there is a Santa Claus is a fictional story in order to bring joy and entertainment to their childhood, then don’t ever read another fictional book or story to your children because you would be telling them a lie. Don’t ever let them watch a fictional movie because you would be letting them believe a lie. That is ridiculous logic in my opinion. However if you still see it as a lie, then that is your right, but do not force your opinion on my family who sees it as a fictional story to entertain and bring joy for a season to our kids.

My parents let me believe in Santa 🎅🏻. It was a game. It was fun. I found out the truth by catching them putting Santa gifts under the tree. Did I call them liars? No. Did I feel like they were trying to deceive me in Biblical matters or about Jesus? No. When the fiction was revealed they explained to me that it was a fictional story and character to enjoy as a game and to have fun with. WE ALL LAUGHED ABOUT IT.

It did not scar me for life or caused me to question whether Jesus was real or not. I got saved when I was 8, before I found out about Santa being a fictional story that we had fun with. I didn’t question Jesus because I FELT Him in my heart through salvation and knew He LIVED in my soul. I’m now still serving the Lord as a pastor and saved by grace! I’ve been preaching the non-fictional Word of God for over 30 years. It’s called having common sense people of knowing the difference between a fictional story and game and a lie.

My dad did tell me the truth. He told me it was a fictional story and character that allows you to have fun and excitement as a kid. No one has ever grown up believing there was a Santa Claus or believing they had been lied to if they had any sense at all. That’s just how he said it.

This post has not been posted for arguments, debates, or bashing. I’m simply sharing my opinion, and I don’t want to necessarily read your opinion.


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