A Sweet Lady Wrote

A sweet lady wrote:

“Sometimes I just want to get in my jeep and never come back.” Another responded, “but unless you can forget everything they will follow you. ”

I guess none of us have gone through life without pain. Some worse than others but I must agree, life is sometimes just plain painful. However there many things I don’t want to forget. Never do I want to forget the night I came to Christ and decided I would believe everything in the Bible. Never do I want to forget my love for my children. Not often but there have been times when I have helped others in distress and I sure love to remember those times. There have been times when I have just had it with life and its often ugliness and then someone comes along to my rescue and demonstrates their love for me in so many ways.

In being truthful I really don’t want to forget the times I blew it. Why? Seems like I have a thick skull and those times, though painful, have at least given me pause to not repeat.

Then I look at my present life and realize how very blessed I am. I have a warm house, food on my table, a good church to attend, children that bring a smile to my face, good medical care, transportation and yes, I even thank the good Lord for Sam my dog who sleeps with me every night. Blessed beyond measure, I am.

Sure, I would like to have more money, be able to travel when I wish. I even wish I had a loving wife I could dote over but I have what the Lord wants me to have by the Grace of God.

I have a Bible to study, I have an opportunity to spend much time in prayer to the very God who created me. I live in a free country, I live in a small community and when I take my evening drive, it is the most beautiful scenery I have ever looked at. Trees, old barns, wild life, planted fields, kids playing, lake after lake, four seasons, and best of all I have friends. When I am sick there is folk nearby and far that help. I even have people who pray for me.

Retired with an adequate pension, and I still have goals and dreams. None of this do I deserve but Gods great love and mercy have surely blessed this old sinner. Often throughout the day I tell the Lord I love Him but never can I do such without admitting that I do not love Him as much as I should and asking Him to help me love Him more.

Some have said they wished they never would have been born. Not me, I’m at least not that selfish. Yes, I live pay check to pay check simply because I did not prepare properly for retirement. Even the money I do receive I often handle it poorly by either spending foolishly or giving it away.

Going on 74 years of age I sometimes wonder how many days on this earth I have left. I don’t have the foggiest idea but I do no it is not many compared to the many days and years behind. I guess this is the best part because some day or night soon I will see Him face to face. You see when I came to Christ I now have the promise my sins are forgiven and I have been washed whiter than snow. Yes, all because of Calvary.

It sure is a wonderful life. Those words sound like they would be a good title to a movie. More later as I recall…….


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