Is Gambling Stupid and Sinful? Or is it Freedom We Should Cherish?

Yes, there is a thrill in gambling, that is when you win. I am very ashamed that I have gambled in casinos all over America and even Mexico and Canada. Some would say I got real good at it but they are wrong. Better than most? You be the judge, but as you will soon learn there is NO WAY to come out ahead in the long run.

Yep, I have not only read but studied many of the books. I can count cards playing black jack, though not good at it, memorized all 284 moves in basic black jack.  Can stand up with the best in Texas Hold-em. Can equal Jimmy the Greek in craps. Have gambled with many celebrities such as Jimmy Johnson the football announcer, Don Zimmerman the hall of fame baseball guy,  Quarter back Daunte Culpepper,  Mick Jagger and many more. Even at one time was a bookie that took sports bets.

Sound charming? I hope not because gambling is a disaster.  It robs poor people as well as the well to do.  The only ones who win at gambling are the owners. For the most part, no owners of casinos ever gamble. There casinos is NOT a gamble but a sure thing. The odds are always against and in the long run it is impossible for patrons to win.

Two days ago I was talking to my barber. He is in his eighties and though I never mentioned gambling, he proceeded to tell me how good he did at a casino. He only went twice but won both times. Did I believe him? Of course. If he would have told me he was a regular patron I would have then know he was a liar. Anyone can win once in a while.

I was told once they if I would improve my card counting skills I could make much money. That is an out right lie. Yes, a card counter can beat the casino but there is one small problem. Detecting card counting is super easy. As soon as you are caught you are kicked out and all your personal information sent to casinos all over America.

Here is the thing. If one person could actually beat the casino on a regular basis the casino would be out of business. Sometimes people team up. They are immediately caught and removed. Has it ever happened to me? Once a pit boss suspected I was teaming up and I was asked to leave. Did I leave? Yep, much better than broken fingers.

Why did I quit? I would like to say because I am bright and a good guy but neither is the case.

I had a habit of taking $10,000 dollars to the casino on every trip. Once or twice I came back a slight winner. The casino loves it when you win because they then know you will come back.

Before I tell you why I quit, I will tell you things they use to lure you. If you are a regular gambler that bets much they will offer you free trips, which includes air fare, fancy hotel and wonderful food, plus a few other unmentionable things.

Gambling can be very addictive. It cm dominate your life. In looking back I can honestly say that gambling played a huge part in the ruin of my life.

After retiring about 7 years ago, I decided that my only answer was Christ. Though a poor Christian, I happen to know that the ONLY thing worthwhile in this life is to be pointed in the right direction. I had the gambling habit so bad, I do not permit myself to watch poker on TV.

When I keep my eyes on the Saviour, for the first time in a very long time, I have peace and joy. I have something to live for. I have something that brings me actual happiness.

The truth is, I hate cards of any type. Gambling for fun or actual money turns me off. Sometimes I might joke about it but I am joking about my own stupidity and sinful nature.

We never hear political candidates speak against gambling. I wonder why not? Do they really not know how the casinos and bookies destroy families? Among many things that point to the decline in America are casinos.  Never should it be legalized. You disagree? We should have freedom to do what we want in all things? Don’t be silly, no one actually believes such non sense. No one believes we should have a right to murder at will or rob who ever we want. If you say gambling is not as bad as robbery you are simply ignorant.

Gambling is morally wrong and sinful.

I could and perhaps should write much more on the subject but writing more will convince no one if they choose not to listen.  More later as I recall…….


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